Kick-Ass Corporate Wife Encouragement Guide

Kick-Ass Corporate Wife Encouragement Guide

Kick-Ass Corporate Wife Encouragement Guide

Welcome to the Kick-Ass Corporate Wife Encouragement Guide.

The book, Kick-Ass Corporate Wife, is interactive.  As you read, you’ll notice that there are lots of opportunities throughout the book to go deeper into the content. 

I’ve developed a 5-step system to determine which step and location you are on as a Kick-Ass Corporate Wife.  With each step, I’ve included a corresponding Action Plan to help you put that step into effect immediately.  Because, after all, you don’t just want to read about it–you want get moving on it!

To provide even more support, you’ll find that I’ve included many places in the book called Pause and Consider where I ask you to reflect on your personal values, beliefs, hopes, dreams, and goals–all for the sake of giving you the time and space to develop greater clarity in your pursuit of becoming more.

To help you create a place to write out your thoughts on paper, I created The Kick-Ass Corporate Wife Encouragement Guide available to download free by filling out the form below.  

The Kick-Ass Corporate Wife Encouragement Guide gives ideas, strategies, and tools you can use right now to start enhancing the foundation of your marriage.  This is a helpful resource to use for personal reflection or when facilitating a book club.

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